Ready Patch™

Heavy duty, filling and patching compound. Shrink resistant. Dries quickly and sands easily.
Pack sizes

236ml, 473ml, 946ml, 3.78L

  • Off-white
  • Tinting - add a few drops of universal colourant and blend in thoroughly.
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Product overview

Ready Patch™ dries quickly and sands easily to a smooth surface that is ready for painting. Great for heavy duty repairs over drywall, plaster, wood, metal and masonry.

Ready Patch™ is a silica free professional filling and patching compound, it is smooth and easy to apply yet rock-hard when cured. Ready Patch™ combines the workability of filling paste with the strength of plaster for long-lasting, professional-looking results. It is full-bodied for heavy-duty interior / exterior repairs and dries fast – outperforming vinyl filling. It can even be painted when dry to touch and is smooth and easy to apply.

Ready Patch™ sticks to metal and is shrink resistant,  it will not sag or crack like drywall mud.

Key features and benefits

  • Silica free
  • Professional formula lightweight patching compound
  • Dries quickly and sands easily
  • Interior or light duty exterior use
  • Shrink, sag, and crack resistant
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Can be painted when dry to the touch

Application information


Approximately 0.33m2 per litre applied at a thickness of 3mm.